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This is an online drawing course free of charge.

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Zeichnen lernen heißt sehen lernen....


These pages are a translation of a part of a german online drawing and sketching tutorial.

The targeted audience are people, who have no or little experience in sketching and drawing and who are looking for a little bit help. As I was really bad in English in school, you will find a lot of mistakes and bizarre phrases. Don't care about it.

As we say in German: “don’t look into the muzzle of a given nag”.

When you find mistakes or phrases, which you don’t understand, it would be kind, if you would send me a short message by using the form at the left side of every page. You would do me a great favour!
If you consider, that these pages contain usefull information, please put, if possible, a link on it and tell it your friends.

Note: I recently have made major technical changes. If something is not working properly, please send a shot email to

Now: enjoy!


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