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DRAWING SKETCHING COURSE: Drawing "geometric outer forms"

"Geometric outer forms"

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This is an online drawing course free of charge.

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This method means, that you try to find a simple geometric forms around the motive. The motif is inside the form, outside the motive is "to much space". You sketch a figure, which shapes a frame round your motif.

From this frame you are "cutting off" the pieces, which are" too much", it is a kind of subtracting progress. The pieces, you are cutting off, can be overlapping. After some time you will be so near to the shape of the motive, that you can draw it without any difficulties.

The helping lines are sketched with a hard pencil or a normal one with small pressure.

With growing experiences the "outer form" become more complex and you will need less steps "cutting off" pieces.

Keep in mind: none of the described techniques is used in a pure form, in practice all will be used simultaneously.

Drawing and sketching tutorialDrawing and sketching tutorial


The motive is completely contained in the grey rectangle. After sketching this the yellow lines were drawn, they are cutting off the areas in the rectangle, being "too much". Then the red lines are cutting off the redundant parts of the yellow-grey figure.

How to estimate the increase of the these lines is described under "MEASURING".

Of course you don't have to use lines, you can also draw bows ore complete geometric figures like triangles, rectangle (the space between the lower legs!) or whatever you want.


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